I’ve been waiting.

Harvesting raspberries, jalapeños, cucumbers, onions, blackberries–it’s all just ducky. But what I really want? Those tomatoes.

I’ve been waiting. Other farmers have just begun selling their tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market. Our coop started to sell greenhouse tomatoes last month–but they taste so different. Ours just seemed to sit there. Green. Always green. It feels like it been a year of green tomatoes.

Every day I would go out there and try to talk some sense into them.

Hey! What gives? Why are you just always green? Don’t you see the sun? The water? That amazing perfectly pH’ed soil? How long is this going to take? I want salsa!

Starting just earlier this week, my nagging worked. A couple of tomatoes gave in. Plump and juicy. Red as a clown’s nose.

And soon, I’ll be swimming in a bowl of salsa!

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I have spent a lot of time thinking up new recipes, different ways to preserve the different types of tomatoes we have. So I get impatient. I’m sure R has heard enough about my tomato rants. We go through canned tomatoes so quickly. I mean oh em gee I’ve had to buy store bought salsa! Sinner!

But seriously.

While I sit here impatiently, I should be calculating how many canned goods I need. A salsa a week is 52 cans! And if we make chili once a week? 52 diced! And G-d forbid we make spaghetti and meatballs! Another 52 cans! Where will I put them all?

So while I sit here, being a turd, I should really be drawing outlines for a pantry!

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

I am also excited for my newest canning adventure: Pear Butter!

I love walking the property only to find we have an amazing apple tree tucked away. Wish I could say the same about these pears. They came from the side of the road in front of the coop I work in.

We are to pick them while they are green and they will ripen to a nice yellow.

Here they are…green.

More waiting to do.


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