Zero Waste.

When I first decided I wanted to cut down on the amount of plastic in my life there were two leading reasons: (1) environmental and (2) health reasons. I had read that plastic releases endocrine disrupters and with my hormonal imbalance and endometriosis I was trying to do anything to help lesson the hormonal havoc going on in my body.

Many people suggest that the first steps are bringing your own reusable bag and a bottle for water. So of course, those were my first steps. When I lived in NYC, this habit was easier to remember. I always carried a purse and just stuffed bags into it because, even if  had no plan to shop that day, you always seem to need bags. But now that I live in the “country” and drive everywhere (insert sigh here), I have to work to remember the bags. I’ll be honest, many times I’ll just end up carrying out my items in my hands.

The lasting changes that have been easiest for me come in the form of a toothbrush and safety razor. I have tried several different bamboo toothbrushes and R has hated them all. The one I like best is this one because I have yet to have the bristles randomly fall out while brushing. R likes this brand the best so far. It is made of recycled plastic. But on the bright side, you only have to replace the head…but still, not ideal.

With safety razors, I was afraid. I have no clue. Maybe I thought they would peel my skin off or something? Call it an irrational fear, because it was. For this I did so much research. I wanted a razor for life. It was like getting married, you know? I chose the Merkur Safety Razor because of the extra long handle and the great reputation it has. I have been using this razor for over three years now. I also purchase Merkur razors for it and my husband and I go through a pack once a year and I shave every other day.

Shampoo has been the biggest struggle for me. I have tried J. R. R. Liggett’s Shampoo bars, which cost around $4 and they have worked the best for me. I have hard water because farms in the middle of nowhere do that. I also switched over because so many shampoos have horrible ingredients. I put shampoo on my head…which is close to my brain. And I can’t help but fear that my brain absorbs the chemicals or something.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 8.55.35 AM

You’ll find me wearing a colander on my head talking to the mothership, but at least I won’t have brain cancer, right?

As for conditioner, I’ll either dilute rose water or apple cider vinegar. It works well and does the job. I am not someone who worries much about her hair tho. So maybe these things would be horrible for some. But I’d rather use less plastic and chemicals and just deal with my hair. I work from home most days and when I am at work I usually just wear a hat. But honestly, I think my hair looks fine. My hair dresser tells me it’s “super healthy”–his words.

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