Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Salty lemons?

Last year was the first time I had ever seen or even heard of preserved lemons. Someone stopped by the food coop and gave a jar of them to a co-worker. I was so confused. What did you even use them for? What did that taste like?


Organic lemons don’t grow on trees…Well, they don’t grow on trees in Upstate New York. So it isn’t all that uncommon for organic lemons to come in super expensive (like $3 a pop), rotting, or even just not available to us. So I figured this would be the year I would make some. I hear the rinds are wonderful julienned in some vinaigrette!

The process is simple. You take your lemons, slice them, coat in salt, put them in a container with optional spices (I did bay leaf, peppercorn, and a cinnamon stick), fill the container with water, and letting it sit 30 days. You want to use the rind of the lemon and compost the inner part. There is no need to refrigerate them and they will last at least a year. Apparently, preserved lemons are used in many Moroccan dishes!

I am debating doing a Pioneer Pantry Challenge one month and I bet these will come in handy! The challenge is to eat meals only from what you have stored, canned, and preserved. I am always up for a challenge and perhaps this will either make or break my February. Since I like games, I am making canning and preserving into a sort of game for me to play in the middle of the winter–you know, when seasonal depression disorder has kicked in and one single snowflake can through you into a bout of hysterical crying? Yeah, that feeling.

I plan to try some challenges and document them along the way. I was only able to find one other homesteading blog that did the Pioneer Pantry Challenge. Perhaps I’ll start a trend?

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