Hay and Musings.

Our farm is currently all chickens. My in-laws own the dairy farm next door so you would see about forty cows roaming my front lawn when they break out. We will trade meat for berries, but we have no need for hay.

But that doesn’t stop me from getting on the tractor and going out to the field. Many farmers around here harvest their hay early so that they can get a second cut later in the summer. But there are birds that nest in the hay fields, so generally, we wait until later in July for a first cut. This year, my FIL and R were traveling a lot of work, so the hay didn’t get cut. So here we are, a month later.

Of course, the bailer likes to have an attack. The rake breaks. A tractor won’t cooperate. But as I was raking hay and mindlessly driving the tractor in circles around the field, I thought how odd it was that a huge animal like a cow eats grass and lives. It’s insane.

Spending hours on a tractor puts you in a daze. I started to think about life and how slow it can seem, yet the days go by so quickly.


We have been living in this house for over two years now. The winters get so unbearable. It gets to the point where you think you just can’t stand it anymore. I blame Easter. It’s April and it looks like the picture above: snow, ice, cold air. And the stores have bunnies, pink, flowers, all things spring! But it’s not even close. And when the warmer weather does come, you plant your garden and in two months harvest half of it and BAM! Frost.

It’s a vicious cycle. One that I struggle with.

The weather has been very mild this summer. It’s in the 60s right now and it’s mid-August. People are talking about Pumpkin Spiced Lattes already! Goodness sake, I’m freaking out.

I walked out to my garden and saw so many tomatoes still green. How could that be? Other farmers have been selling so many for weeks now. And here I am. I canned four crushed tomatoes so far. That’s it!

This past weekend I told R I was nervous we wouldn’t have enough tomatoes to can for the winter. I debating supplementing some local ones from my friends who own an organic farm. I have officially gone into nervous mode. Worried I won’t have enough canned goods (I hate purchasing tomatoes, beans, corn, or anything I could grow and can myself). I think it may be a pride issue.

So please fall, don’t come so soon! I will be devastated if my green tomatoes freeze. They deserve the chance to be in chili!

Why did I use the word chili? See? Cold weather on the brain.

I suppose I will one day embrace the change in weather. Maybe I should plant squash or spinach. Some fall crop to look forward to.

But this year is all about tomatoes.

So nervous I shall remain.

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