Zero Waste Cleaning

I remember the days when I could walk into a store and purchase anything. No worries. Didn’t think about it. I saw cleaning products and worried about what scent. I knew I was allergic to Tide but never worried about it.

But alas, much has changed. I know too much now.

I have a hormonal imbalance condition. It’s a long story. It’s a life-long struggle. But that being said, I also have chronic pain issues and I found that by detoxing my life and focusing on eating cleaning, I can greatly decrease my pain.

And, every cleaning product I find is in plastic and highly unsafe. Ever take a look at the ingredients? Some of them have numbers! I am the furthest thing from a scientist, but with all this research coming about about toxic this and that, a person can go mad. But there has been a lot of research about cleaning agents. And you can’t quickly Google anything any more because research has been paid off and la-de-da. So I also opt for making my own products because: (1) I know what’s in it, (2) I could drink it if I wanted to so it’s safer than Windex, (3) Zero Waste, and (4) it’s cheap!

My all purpose cleaner is amazing. I simply infuse white vinegar with sage from the herb garden and the rinds of lemons. Bam. Done.

I use a cotton cloth and wipe windows, the stove, the sinks, wood, all the things! If I have a stubborn tomato mess, I use a scrubby or something with a harder texture.

So a bottle of Windex on sale is like $2. But we can we clean the sink, stove, and toilet with that? No? Let’s add it up to $5 if we purchase some cleaning products at a Dollar Store.

My 1 gallon jug of vinegar cost me $3. The sage from my garden was free. The lemon was $1.50–but I didn’t even use the entire thing. I don’t think I need to say much more. It’s cheaper. The gallon will last me longer than a bottle of spray. And I won’t absorb some unknown chemicals.

And some of you may be suspicious of the chemical dangers. I get that. But the proof is in the puddin’. I have noticed that if I am now around conventional cleaning products I get a crazy headache. Ever since I started making my own laundry detergent I don’t break out or itch like crazy. So cheaper, better for the environment, takes three seconds to make, and I feel better.


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