Fermented Hot Sauce.

As you may know, the jalapeños have taken over in the garden this year. I have pickled them, froze them, put them in salsa, etc. But I have been on a fermenting kick and decided that hot sauce was on my wish list this year!

It is super simple to make and tastes amazing!


Step one: You will need peppers, water, salt, garlic, and seasonings. I used coriander, peppercorns, and hibiscus flowers. You can play around with taste or avoid adding spices altogether. You want to fill the jar with diced peppers with seeds removed. Afterwards, you top it off with spices. In a separate bowl combine water and salt. For around 2 cups of peppers I used 3 Tbsp of salt. I didn’t heat the brine because I just didn’t. I have no clue why. But hey, it ended up working.

Close the jar and keep it on the counter for a week or two. I chose to go longer. Well. Chose is a loose term–I just couldn’t find time in my schedule to do the final steps. So it sat for two weeks. Remember to burp the jar each day. That just means opening it and releasing the gas. I have hard water so once a day worked for me. But if you find that your jar makes a large pop when you open it, it may be wish to release the pressure twice a day.


Step Two: Once enough time has past, take a look in your jar when you open it. See any bubbles? That’s the key! About two weeks in I saw a lot of bubbles when I went to burp it so I knew it was fermenting. Also the smell is a cue. It begins to have a vinegary smell. So when it’s ready, you want to strain the liquid from the peppers.


Step Three: Process the peppers and seasonings. I have a little Magic Bullet that works wonders. Simply pour in some peppers, add a bit of the liquid brine and blend until smooth. The more brine you add back in, the more liquidy it will be. Science. So play around until you reach your desired consistency.


Final Step: Pour the hot sauce into a container and keep in the refrigerator for up to a year. If you heat it, it will kill the healthy bacteria. So I suggest topping off pizza or tacos! The brine leftover? That would work well in a salad dressing! Use it as a vinegar portion in this recipe!

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