Progress, not Perfection.

Somedays I thrive. I get everything done and I feel confident. Other days, I struggle to meet my goals or even wake up with a positive mindset. There are three areas in my life that define who I am and why I live the way I live.

  1. Minimalism
  2. Zero Waste
  3. Sustainability

These are the three things that guide me. I am by no means perfect at it. There are days I try and other days, I forget to not ask for a straw and I get brought a drink with one floating in the seltzer.

The social media world can be wonderful and up lifting. But it can also be one-sided. We only see what people post and want us to see. Jealousy can emerge and thoughts of giving up creep around my head. But what’s important is that every day is taken slowly and you give yourself a break.

When I first learned about Zero Waste in 2013, I may have driven R insane. He would never admit if I did, because he supports me in my “save the environment” causes, but he is also a huge advocate of taking things slow and doing what you can. I am on the other side: do everything at once and immediately change and if you slip up you are a failure.

I switched our razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, my menstrual products, many kitchen tools, and I remember when I casually brought up the idea of getting ride of toilet paper. Never has he ever shot something down so quickly. I have an extreme personality, if no one has noticed.

I remember walking into work with my mason jar ready to cram any plastic into it I should acquire within the day. I wanted to prove to myself I could reach my goals. But I tend to set them too high.

So I encourage little steps. I will admit that it sometimes makes me feel like a failure. Buying a can of beans when I could buy them dry, soak them for five years, and can them? Why can’t I get my life together?! There aren’t enough hours in the day.

Minimalism is another area of my life. But I am also extreme. In my mind, I live out of a backpack. In my house. Why? When we moved into our farm house that had two living rooms and two dining rooms and it was just us two, I almost died. There is no need for two people to own a four bedroom, two bathroom house. I admit, this is still an area I struggle with. We should be living in a much smaller house. But our plan is to use the house to help others. So I take solace in the thought that one day, we will fix it up and help families.

The moral of this rant is to let yourself enjoy the journey and learn from it. We won’t wake up and be a different person or successfully change our lives. I know many people on the internet who live Zero Waste, but they still have mason jars filled with plastic. No one can escape it. Progress. They don’t have it down to perfection. So I rest in that.

Being married, things are not as simple. Two people living together. My example being toothpaste and toothbrushes. I make my own toothpaste and use a bamboo brush. R does not. At first I was upset at this. But I learned to let it go. Forcing people to your will does nothing.

If there is one thing I’ve learned on my fitness journey, it’s that there is no end goal. You don’t reach your goal and throw in the towel. Do that and you’ll start going backwards. It’s all a constant journey. You learn, get discouraged, uplift others, give up, push forward–it doesn’t end! So the best thing to do is embrace the journey.


  1. “I am on the other side: do everything at once and immediately change and if you slip up you are a failure.”
    I could have written this! This is why I gave up. Remember the lump some of money I threw at amazon for kitchen appliances? They were things I would use to homestead and be healthy and less waste, and I failed. I started with the mindset I just quoted. This was really good.


    1. So glad I could help with my honesty! I struggle a lot with taking things slow. It helps to keep calm and think things through. I always want to do a 180 and it never works well. haha. Can’t say I’m surprised! So now I try to do things slowly or make a change one at a time. Like building blocks! ❤


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