Seeds and Plans.

Hello world!

It’s been a while.

It has been one of the longest winters ever! Or so it feels. Just last week it was still snowing.

We have big plans for the garden this year. It’s time to expand! My in-laws are next door and we decided that this year we would combine efforts! So while they have the cows next door and their own layers, they plan to grow a mono-crop of organic corn. On our side, we will again, raise the meat birds, our own layers, and gardens. We have a large garden in the back that we will expand to three times it’s size last season. Container gardens will be around the kitchen garden, surrounded by herbs and flowers. And finally, raised beds in the front yard by the raspberry patch.

I’ll admit, the cold weather made me late. How could I be sprouting seeds if it was freezing at night and snowing outside?

We usually start our seeds indoors after St. Patrick’s Day. We started some tomatoes but the room was not warm enough and the seeds were from 2016. So the older your seeds are, the chances they grow decrease. So it wasn’t an overall surprise. So far we have tomatoes, carrots, beans, and onions going. The forecast shows warmer weather, but tons of rain and therefore not so much sunlight. So we’ll have to supplement light and hope for the best.

Meanwhile, I’ve been outside taking advantage of the few hours with no rain, turning the garden and moving rocks around the property to make pathways. I’ve been slowing building up my cardboard (we’ll use it to suffocate weeds in the garden path) in anticipation for a nice sunny day when I can start planting.


    1. I agree! I am just going to start planting today! So many places in my area have only just been selling starts two weeks ago! The ice we had in April set us back!

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