About Me.

In 2013, we bought a farmhouse. For the first two years we rented it out and lived in Brooklyn, NY where we worked on our Master’s degrees. We returned two years later to a bare berry patch, weedy garden, and a kitchen without a sink. But we have slowly been working on renovating our house, built in 1903.

We are working towards a self-sufficient life and lessening our impact on the environment. We live next door to my in-laws and our farms are very interwoven with members of the family helping each other out.

My in laws have been running a dairy farm for years and they milk a small herd (on average 12). We raise meat chickens and have layers. We grow a garden that we hope to expand in the coming years as a way to offer a CSA and help our community.

This blog is dedicated to what I have learned, am learning, and my constant mistakes. Trying to live a life that doesn’t harm the planet and provide for yourselves is a task we all face.

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